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The Swine Flu Conspiracy (Video)

Michael Moore’s Expose of ‘Dead Peasant’ Insurance Policies Too Shocking Even for Good Morning America to Ignore

2016 Olympics could be one of the last, warns governor

Genetic Manipulation Is Path To Eternal Life Say Scientists

The Group Of Twenty And The Evolution Of Global Governance

Project Indect Set To Monitor Europe Like it’s 1984

Hitler Died Peacefully in His Bed in Argentina?

Police Buy Military-Style Sonic Devices

Glenn Beck Warns of ‘Reichstag Event’

TSA Body Scanning Technology Strips Away Privacy

Moon crash will create six-mile plume of dust as Nasa searches for water

The Singularity is not yet here, but its annual conference is, uniting futurists and their man-machine dreams

Lisbon Treaty will give European Union a president — and it may be Tony Blair

Nato commander warns of conflict with Russia in Arctic Circle

The Use of Photographs in Psychological Operations

N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine

Excreted Tamiflu found in rivers

EU intervention in Irish referendum ‘unlawful’

Did MI5 kill Dr David Kelly?

«Asteroid Impacts are the Biggest Threat to Advanced Life in the Milky Way» -Stephen Hawking

New film blames drug firm for plight of honey bees

New Jersey to Force Children to Have Flu Vaccine or be Kicked Out of School

Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force – Check the Symbolism

Military to get mandatory swine flu shots soon

Privatized police force taking over town?

Codex Alimentarius summarized in 7 points

Augmented Google Earth Gets Real-Time People, Cars, Clouds

Wales withdraws cervical cancer vaccine as girl dies

New York State: Be Vaccinated Or Be Fired


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